2019 Youth World Show Wrap-Up – By Connie Hay Youth Advisor

Day 1
Day one is in the books for our Arizona Team!  First day FIRST WORLD TROPHY!  Way to go Kaylee Hamm showed in Aged Mares today with her horse CF Blindingly Cool in a class of 17 and was third the Bronze Trophy.  As halter goes sometimes with that many horses to judge is slowly turns into the song of the Hokey Pokey. All the exhibitors are trying to keep their horses legs together, but then the judges are coming and the song plays… they put their right hoof out, they put their left hoof out…luckily all of these youth exhibitors handle the stress and leg movement and get it all together in time for their horses to be judged.  Kaylee did a great job and I was told by Vern Habighorst her Grandfather, for the last three weeks Kaylee has taken over all the halter horses and keeping them fit and groomed.  They all look great and I think she might have a new career started. Also thanks to Jeff Habighorst back at the stalls helping with the horses.
We have the rest of the halter classes tomorrow.  Kaylee showing three and Trent Searles showing his halter horse. So a busy day for two of our youth. Hoping that song doesn’t play too much tomorrow and our youth get to show their horses and we bring home more trophies for Team Arizona.
Youth and horses are coming in and so far we have Addison Schmersal with her two horses, Kate and Caroline Buchanan with a big group of horses, and Shea Graham and her horses came in today.  More coming in each day as their day of showing gets closer.  It will be nice to have full stalls for Team Arizona.  Received a call today letting me know that Jennifer Kasper will not be with us at the show, her horse is sick and can not make the trip. Hope your horse is better and you can join us next year.
We started putting up stall decorations today and hope to finish it tomorrow.  Thank you to Doug & Lisa Hamm – Kaylee’s parents for doing all the wood work and getting supplies for the decorations.  Also another thank you to Morgan Farrell our AzQHYA President for her work help with decorations, signs and the teams tee shirts.  Thank you to Jim And Deanna Searles for once again sponsoring the team tee shirts.  Thanks to all the trainers and parents for letting and preparing your youth for the Youth World and Team Arizona.
Remember everyone watches our team we are small but very mighty – be helpful to others, help were you can and always remember your sportsmanship win or lose and always thank your horse for all that you want him to do.  Without your horse you would not be showing at the Youth World show.
Day 2

Hello Arizona!
Today started with rain in the morning so that was nice.  Today was all about Halter classes.  Two of our youth team members were in the lime light today.  Kaylee Hamm showed four horses today and Trent Searles showed his two year old mare.
Kaylee started off today with the yearling mares class with her horse CF Sparkle N Suede, the horses were all a little fresh in the morning but everyone settled down when it came to judging and as the horses were called out for placings with only a few horses left on the wall the announcer then called in Reserve the Silver trophy was to be Kaylee.
The two year old mare class was next and both Trent and Kaylee were in this class together.  Its so hard when we have more than one youth team member showing. I’m hoping for both of them to win but I know it can only be one winner. Kaylee was called for the Bronze with her mare Pretty Charming.  Then the winner was called and that was Trent Searles with his mare Shes That Radiant. All his family were cheering for him.  I meet up with Marylou Searles at the stalls, (Trents Grandma) she said that she had just flown in without telling any of the family she was coming in so that was another surprise for Trent. Trent and the family are now going off to NSBA world so we wish them good luck and a safe drive.
Back to Kaylees other horses we watched as her 2 year old gelding Misster E Maximum and her 3 year old Mare Partee Down Kid BOTH winning GOLD!!!
A bitter sweet show for Kaylee this year, this is her last year in Youth and her last Youth World show.  Her goal for this youth world was to bring home trophies and that she did!  The count for Kaylee for this show was 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze not bad for her last show.  With this years count of trophies that makes 12 top 3 wins for Kaylee and I believe that is a AQHYA record for the Youth World.
I want to thank you Kaylee for all your work on the stall decorations they turned out really well!  Check out the AzQHA FaceBook page for a picture and other pictures from the show.  Thank you Julie Hoefling for posting the information on Facebook for us.
Tomorrow starts out with our reiners!  Addisyn Schmersal will be showing at her first youth world, Kate and Caroline Buchanan and Shea Graham will all be sliding and spinning to make it into the finals that are on Monday.  We hope everyone will have a great pattern and does well tomorrow.


Day 3

We had rain again today and cloudy skies, I talk about the weather since I know all of you in Arizona are just dying in the heat, so if I talk rain maybe you will get some.
Today was ALL REINING, 12 hours of reining.  Shea Graham was our first youth out with draw 4 and she had a really good pattern with a score of 210.5. Our next youth was first time AQHA World show contestant Addisyn Schmersal she had a smoking run on her horse Shiney Wookboots for a score of 219 which would be the high score for the whole day!  Almost as good of a score was her other horse CC Enterprise with a 217.5 so with those high scores she was for sure in the finals that are on Monday.  Our other two youth, the Buchanan Sisters also had good patterns. Kate the older Sister rode Lucky Cee Blair for a score of 214.5 good placement in the upper part of the finals group. Caroline on her horse New Wimp In Town scored a 209.5 which I was worried that score would not hold up for the Shoot Out, but it did!
So Addisyn on two horses, and Kate on her horse were in the finals!  Now the shoot out- the finals take the top 15 they are in but the shoot out takes the next 20 horses just out of the top 15 and they run again to try to get the 5 top spots from the shoot out to go into the finals group making a total of 20 youth in the finals.
That gave Shea and Caroline another shot at making the finals.  Since Shea was up first in the original draw she had to go first again in the Shoot out.  She made a great run for a 216 score, Caroline was 13th to go and she needed a 213 to advance but lucky 13 was not so lucky and she came in with a 212.5 sooooo close.  Once the Shoot out was finished Shea’s score was the TOP score of the shoot out- so she is going to the finals! For those of you that know Kaylee Naylor I saw her today and she is doing well now living in Oklahoma, she says hi to everyone.
We will have three youth and four horses in the reining finals on Monday.
Also today was the judging contest and since Shea had an early draw she was able to help out and do the ranch riding pattern part of the judging contest so by her helping out she got to practice the pattern that she will be doing tomorrow. So Thanks Shea for helping out!
Tomorrow brings ranch riding and I have high hopes for Caroline in this class, Kate and Shea will also be showing in the class too.
My cowboys and speed event girls should be coming in soon and so will my pleasure/rail riders, Lane Kail and Lauren Blumer that ride with the Kails so we will have our whole team here soon.
We have the Parade of Team on Monday night after the show so that will be fun.
Another person from Arizona that moved away to Texas was here today- Suzie Jeane was here and I got to talk with her and she says hugs and kisses to everyone.
Day 4
Wow its day 4 already and the Arizona Youth Team is doing GREAT!!!
Today was all about ranch riding!  What a great class to watch everyone did so well.
Caroline was riding two horses today and was first out of Clutch Montana she had a good ride and stayed in the hunt for a long time with her score but at the end she missed the finals and shoot out.  On her other horse, a newer horse for her and also a young horse they had a bit of lead trouble but I was proud of Caroline for keeping her cool and just rode her pattern to the end- you will get them next time Caroline.
Kate also rode two horses, the one horse Lucky Cee Blair was rock solid and had a 233 score to get them safely in the FINALS!  Her score with Lucky also put her in FOURTH in the Level 2 part of ranch riding. Kate’s other horse is also a young horse and did really well, not enough for finals but a good shot at the shoot out.
Shea once again drew up early in the draw, her score was held for review she was draw 27 and I found out that the internet went down and we would have to wait for the review scores after all of the runs were done, that was 117 of them. So we all waited.  Once we heard the score we knew she would not be in the finals but would be in the shoot out. I think Shea is trying to kill me with her shoot out runs.
Once the class was over we had one confirmed in the finals, Kate on Lucky Cee Blair and we had two going back to the shoot out.  Shea was up first on her horse Sweattin Bullets and she had a better score than the one she did in the regular class a 228.5 Yahoo shes in the Finals. Kate on the young horse had a good run up until the logs where she had a bit of trouble but I was hoping that everything else was so good that she might make it. The announcer calls Kates score… Review- Kill me now, so we had to wait once again for the review score. We received the score and it was just short of the scores to get her to the finals in Level 3. BUT wait a small glimmer of hope for the young horse and Kate, she was also in the Level 2 and since she had a good score of 224.5 she could be in the top 15 of the level 2 ranch riding. More waiting for the Level 2 only youth to run, the scores were getting higher and higher until finally the last horse was done.  Kate made it in the level 2 she was 15th with Thats A Lotta Boon. I really see this as a great win for Kate there were 120 horses in the level 2 so being the top 15 is nothing to be sad about and she was on a young horse too.  Another thing that Kate doesn’t know is that I was approached by a coach from South Carolina asking about her, they were very impressed by they way Kate rode and handled the young horse she was riding.  Ann, Kate’s Mom told me that Kate is going to go to Auburn, so that’s great too bad South Carolina.   Caroline they were watching you too so hang in there!
This is just a reminder to all of the youth there are coaches watching all the time, they are watching how you handle yourself and how you ride, not just the winners get looked at they are looking for team players and good horsemanship.
So Kate and Shea will be in the finals on Tuesday in Ranch Riding!
Monday is our finals for the reining so lets cheer for Addisyn (on two), Shea and Kate to all do well- I’m sure they will all give 110% for sure, should be a great finals to watch.
Monday is also our Parade of Teams so all team members that are here on Monday its mandatory that you are in the Parade of Teams.  I have given out our team tee shirts to the youth that are already here, and those of you that are coming in tomorrow I will get them to you.  I think they are thinking about 5:30 /6:00 for the Parade of Teams. I would like all of us that are here Monday to meet at the stalls at 5:00 pm WITH OUR TEAM SHIRTS ON and we will go over to the photographer and have our team photo taken before the Parade of Teams. Kaylee Hamm had to go back home BUT I had her take her picture and they will add her to our team photo- technology how wonderful.
A shout out to the Kail’s that made it last night, NOT the drive they hoped for- lets just say two tires and a hydraulic line later they made it to Oklahoma City- so glad your here safe.
Should be a great day tomorrow with most of our team here by Monday afternoon.
Day 5

Today we had the reining finals and we had four horses and three youth riding.  Addisyn was first out on her horse CC Enterprise and had a good run and was 7th in the draw.  Draw 13 was Shea on her horse Sweattin Bullets had a good run but took a trot step which hurt her score, but her circles were great and she really had a great pattern.  Shea has not been reining very long and to make it in the finals and do such a good pattern was really a tribute to her and her riding skills.  Draw 15 was Addisyn on her second horse the one she was top score in the prelims. She also had a good pattern but not as clean as her prelim pattern. Kate was our last youth to go in the finals with draw 18 she also did well and ran fast and hard.
All of the youth came back into the arena for awards, and the scores were not as I had hoped for our team but everyone tried really hard and had good patterns.  So the finals ended this way for the awards.
Shea was a finalist (11th out of 21), Addisyn on CC enterprise was 10th, Kate was 8th and Addisyn was 7th.  It wasn’t the awards were we hoping but I’m really happy with the youth who made into the finals and gave it their all!
Also today was the Western Pleasure L3 class and Shea Graham made it into the finals, I think she has a good chance to bring home a trophy at the finals on Wednesday. A shout out to Mike Hawkins who is here and to Kristen Brock and Scott Graham all here to cheer on Shea as she rides.
Speaking of western pleasure our Level 2 youth will be riding tomorrow, this will also be the finals for Level 2 – Lane Kail and Lauren Blumer.  I was nice to see Bob and Debbie Kail tonight they came to see Lane ride and Lauren’s Mom is with here to cheer her on as well.
More finals for our youth in the Ranch Riding tomorrow- so Shea and Kate you will be up I’m sure your up for the challenge.  Shea will also have to ride her western pleasure horse in the finals so a busy day for Shea tomorrow.
Also tomorrow starts our cattle events!  Gavin & Garrett Hershberger will be in cutting and Gavin in cowhorse and Bryce Barkemeyer will be in boxing so that will be fun to watch.  I saw Peggy and Jon Hershberger today so they are in to watch their Grandsons take on the world.  Of course we have the Dads of these boys-Jason Hershberger and Brad Barkemeyer helping too.  In the cutting we will have Jason, Brad and guest Dad Corey Cushing is here and he will also be helping in the cutting. So with that support team I have high hopes for our cutters. Now if we can get those cattle to cooperate we would be all set.
Our Parade of Teams was tonight and they honored the youth that won the year end awards for AQHA and introduced the new AQHYA National Directors and our states teams all walked into the arena.
For what ever reason the Arizona Team is always first to enter ( maybe its just because we are the best?)  Before the parade of teams we all took our Arizona Team picture. Kaylee Hamm will be added in and the three speed event girls will be added when they arrive. So Bridget, Rylin and Brianna we have room for you.
I side note we had the collegiate horsemanship finals tonight and our “old” youth member Taylor Searles was here to ride for her college team Auburn.  It was like old times to have Taylor back at youth worlds. Her Mom Deanna is here and will be going to the NSBA with the horses and Jim is back home doing…well I heard he called Bob Kail to go golfing but Bob told him he was here at youth world. So I’m sure Jim will find someone to golf with back in Arizona.  Jim its to hot there to golf anyway.
I heard we as high heat and a monsoon back home hope everyone is doing ok, here in Oklahoma it is hot and high humidity in the barns but you freeze to death in the arenas so its weird to sweat and then freeze and wear a jacket inside, but that’s Oklahoma.
Day 6

Today was very very long day, we started at 8:00 am and I just got into the room midnight.  So today’s blog will be short and sweet.
Started the day with cutting- Garrett Hershberger was in the second herd of the cutting and was second in that cut so no one knew what the cattle would be like.  Garrett had a little trouble with his first cow that he cut but had a good enough score to take him into the finals which are tomorrow. Garrett also was 11th in the level 2 cutting.
Gavin was in the third herd of cutting and those cattle were a bit wild, he cut out some cattle and they didn’t want to separate so it took time to get his cow cut and the second cut his cow was a runner and he lost his cow into the herd so that hurt his score. Gavin didn’t make it back to the finals so he said he was going to concentrate on his roping which is on Friday. Gavin and Kate were in the next class which was working cow horse.  Gavin was first out of the class he had a good run but not enough for the finals.  Kate Buchanan was in the class with two horses. First out was on Lucky Cee Blair and she had a high score of 423 to get her in the finals. The second horse was her young horse and she had a few mistakes and her score was not enough to make the finals but I think the young horse will really be a star next year.
So after the cutting and cowhorse we had a bit of a wait they had showmanship in the other arena and then the collegiate horsemanship finals that set us back about 2 1/2 hours in the schedule.  So about 8:30 pm we started the western pleasure Level 2.  There were three cuts in this class and don’t you know all three of our youth were in the same cut 2.  They were taking 5 back from each cut so that that didn’t leave a lot of room for our three youth.  Lane Kail, Lauren Blumer, and Shea Graham in cut 2 all did really well, when it came to the final call out only Lane and Shea were called. Lauren you can get them in the western riding you have coming up Wednesday.  The western riding was now down to 15 that came back, the class was in and everyone looked like they could win. They finally called them into the line up… the announcer starting calling out the placings Shea would be called as a finalist. Then the announcer kept going up the placings, Lane was still in there after the Top 10. The Barkemeyer family was there to cheer on Lane & Shea, we were all ready to cheer, waiting still no Lane, now its TOP 5 we were so excited, then TOP 3 WOW! – Reserve Champion was called and it wasn’t Lane!
Lane was the CHAMPION winner of the Gold Level 2 Trophy! We were very loud in our cheering, I could see Andrea, Lane’s Mom she was so excited! Everyone was in a big photo that Gordon from the Equine Chronicle was taking.  GREAT JOB LANE! Lane will be going to NSBA world next so I hope he does well there too.
Then the finals we waited all day for the Ranch riding.  Kate on Lucky Cee Blair (also in working cow horse today) had a really good run, but she was draw 9 out of the 21 that came back to the finals so we just had to wait and see.  Shea on Sweattin Bullets was draw 21 and she had a good pattern too.  All 21 came back into the arena once again we were all hoping for our Arizona youth to do well.  Shea was called out in the Top 10 taking 9th place! Kary her Mom and Mike Hawkins and max the wonder dog was there to cheer on Shea and so were the Buchanan family and Corey Cushing.  But wait we had one more in the class the announcer was now at the TOP 5 our Kate still on the wall waiting to be called.  Fourth still no Kate, then for the BRONZE 3rd place it was our Kate.  Great job Kate and way to go Lucky, the horse he is one of a kind!
Tomorrow starts with cutting finals at 8:00 am then we have working cow horse finals in the main arena, but then in the other arena we have cowhorse boxing where first time world show youth Bryce Barkemeyer will do his best in 90 seconds of cowhorse boxing. Lauren Blumer will be in the Western Riding tomorrow too so another busy day of cheer on TEAM ARIZONA.
Day 7

Day 7 started out with cutting finals- Garrett was draw 2 so we had to wait the whole finals group to find out where Garrett would place. The cutting finals were complete and Garrett ended up as a finalist, so good job Garrett.
Then it was working cowhorse finals, there we had Kate and her horse Lucky they were a good team in the ranch riding so I was sure this would be a good run in cowhorse.  You never know in working cowhorse because you have to deal with cattle and if you get a bad one it makes it that much harder.  We were in luck Kate drew a good cow and really had a good run. Her draw was 10th so we had to wait for 10 more to finish. There was a very scary time during the finals when draw 12 was just finishing his run and he was circling his cow and they hit a soft spot in the ground and they went down in a heap.  Our Arizona cowboys, Corey Cushing and Brad Barkemeyer were first to get to the horse and rider by jumping over the arena fence to go help the horse and youth that were down. It was very scary since the youth had caught his stirrup on the saddle horse with his foot still in the stirrup. Thankfully the horse just stayed down and the youth got his foot out and the guys were there to help him and the horse. They un-cinched the horse and got the saddle off and the horse then got up, we were all worried that the horse had gotten hurt but he got up and walked out and he looked to be fine and so was the youth. So after that heart stopping event they finished the class.
Announcer went through the placings, went past Top 10, Top 5 then he called out 3rd Bronze that was Kate so that makes two Bronzes for Kate and Lucky.  They are not done yet they also have roping so there could be more trophies coming, time will tell.
After the arena was cleared out from the cattle finals, we had the western pleasure 13 and under class. Lane Kail who as you remember won the Gold in the Level 2 western pleasure last night he was now in a different group of youth that were all 13 and under.  It was nice to see a lot of youth that were in the class riding so well, so it looks like we have a great group of young youth coming up for the future of AQHYA.  There were two cuts and Lane was in the first one then they chose the other youth that were coming back for the finals from the second cut.  All 16 youth came in and then it was time to line up. At the end of the placings there was only one (man) boy standing that was our Lane, he had won the Gold in the 13 and under western pleasure. Bob and Debbie Kail were here both days to watch their Grandson have a double Gold win.  I’m not sure who were proudest of Lane his parents Ryan and Andrea or Bob and Debbie the grandparents but I know all Kails were very happy. On to NSBA Lane.
We had another western pleasure final today and that was the L3 and we had Shea Graham riding her horse Flat Out Cool. Shea did well and was called as a finalist. From slow to fast next class for Shea will be barrels.
In the other arena was the cowhorse boxing and we had a first timer there, Bryce Barkemeyer riding his horse FS Smart Boomer Chic. They were draw 27 out of 52 and Bryce seemed very calm about the whole thing, so did his Dad Brad but poor Mom Mindy was a nervous wreck.  Mindy held it together as we watched Bryce run in with speed for his first maneuver and he nailed it! His whole reining work was perfect. Then came the boxing part with the cow. He drew a good cow and really worked the cow like he has been doing it for many more years than he is old. We waited as the announcer called out Bryce’s score and it was the highest score of the day. We will have to wait until tomorrow for the finals to see how Bryce will end up in the awards.
Last but not least today was the western riding with Lauren Blumer and her horse Lazy Lopin Ranger had a good run but just short of making it back to the finals. Good luck at NSBA Lauren!
Tomorrow gives some of our youth a day off which will be really nice, but I hear our ropers are going out and doing some warm up roping at an arena close by.  But we do have our Bryce and boxing finals tomorrow but it does start until 3:00 pm so that’s most of the day to relax.
Our girls of speed are here so that makes our team all here now. I will try to get the three girls – Bridget, Rylan and Brianna together tomorrow and get them over to the photographer and we can complete our TEAM ARIZONA picture.
Just a few more days to go for the 2019 Youth World show but there are a lot of classes still to come.
Would like to thank all of the families that have come to cheer on our contestants at this years world show.
Thank you all for welcoming me back as your youth advisor again and thanks for all your help during the show. I ask that you as AzQHYA members if you have friends that ride or are just interested in horses to have them contact me at the AzQHA office so we can start building our youth membership and build a great world show team for 2020.  We also have many other programs like our scholarship interviews at the Az Fall Championships that you can earn money to go towards your college classes.  Also get involved with the IEA groups that you ride in shows as a team and then you can also qualify for more scholarship dollars. Check out the AzQHA website www.azqha.org for more information.
Day 8

Well today was going to be a calm day until we had Bryce Barkemeyer riding in the Cow Horse Boxing Class.  Bryce came into the finals with the high score from pre lims yesterday. Did he peak too early and how would he do in the finals? This was his first world show would the pressure and nerves get to him?  The answer would be no he didn’t seem nervous at all, just another run on his horse. But what a run it would be!
Draw 11 was Bryce in the finals and there were a lot of good runs before him, I just hoped that he would get a good cow.  Bryce came in the arena and I think everyone knew where team Arizona was in the stands!  We cheered and he was just jogging in, but Bryce has a great cheering section; Grandparents, Brother, Aunt and cousins were there to cheer.  Bryce started his rein work and he was running fast circles, sliding and spinning like he was on fire! Then came the boxing part with the cow, I so hopped he would get a good cow.  The cow jumped out Bryce went to working the cow and they were great it was like a dance, he kept the cow moving and turning he took control over that cow perfectly.  Now that darn waiting for the others to finish.  Once everyone was done then they would all be called back into the arena.  Bryce came in just happy and smiling like it was just another day.
The top 10 were called, I watched his Mother Mindy- I could tell she was already so proud and how nervous she was as the announcer went on to 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th the Top 5! I think Mindy was about ready to jump out of her seat, meanwhile Bryce was just talking with the person next to him. 4th and now its just Bryce and two other youth. Would he get the Bronze, NO now second Silver, the announcer paused which seemed forever…
the announcer called out the other back number for silver second place, Bryce would be the GOLD Champion!
That’s when we all were standing and cheering! What a great day for Bryce and Team Arizona.
I asked Brad (Bryce’s Dad) whats next? Brad said next year working cowhorse down the fence and then maybe Zane (Bryce’s younger Brother) will be here next year in the boxing. Its so great to see these younger youth coming up and will make our Arizona Team stronger than ever!
Our speed event girls are all here now and we got them added into the Arizona Team picture which I have attached.
Friday is a big day our ropers and speed event girls will be showing. We have youth in all the classes on Friday. Gavin, Garrett, and Kate in the roping events, Shea, Rylin, Brianna, Bridget in speed events. So I’m hoping to have lots of names tomorrow that are going to the finals on Saturday.
Just a few more days left for 2019 Youth World show! Team Arizona is on FIRE! Go TEAM Go! Thanks to Gavin Hershberger who helped me tear down the stall decorations and then take the items to my car for me to take to the storage unit that we have for our youth team.
To all AzQHYA members- here’s news for you:
Please remember all AzQHYA members can compete in the scholarship interviews at the Arizona Fall Championship show, look for me in the show office and I’ll get you signed up for a time slot for your interview, these interviews are a great way to earn $1,000 for your scholarship fund.
More ways to earn scholarship money is to join an IEA team, show at No Bling shows to be qualified under your IEA team and then ride for scholarship money in the AzQHA Interscholastic classes held also at the Arizona Fall Championship show. Need more information contact me at the AzQHA office.
MORE Scholarship money?  YES AzQHYA has a scholarship for AzQHYA members through the AQHA Foundation. Find out about the scholarship and what you need to do to apply.  Deadline for the 2020 scholarship through AQHA is December 1, 2019 so get to www.aqha.org/foundation for more information. While your at the AQHA website make sure to check out all of the scholarships they offer, some over $30,000 it is worthwhile to check these opportunities out.
Want even more scholarship money?  If you show or have shown at the Arizona National Quarter Horse show they also give scholarships to youth in Arizona. www.anls.org
Once again for our youth that are showing at the world show, coaches are watching!! Be your best both inside and outside of the arenas.
So excited for tomorrow to see what our cattle and speed event youth will do! I’m sure it will be a very busy and loud cheering day. I hope for good cattle, fast ropes, good ground, fast times and fast horses!
Day 9
I think this was the longest day ever!  We started out will the cattle events and ended with speed events which took 14 hours to get through, but we made it.
Here’s the outcome of today’s last classes.
Started out with Garrett in the tie down he drew a fast calf and it was a kicker to tie, Garrett tied it but it kicked free just at the end. he did not make the finals but was a finalist in Level 2.
Breakaway was next and we had the Hershberger boys riding. Gavin drew the fastest calf in the bunch, he caught it but a little short of coming back to the L3 finals. His run in the level 2 was good but because he drew a runner before he didn’t want to be late getting out of the box and he broke the barrier and with that his time was too long for the call back in level 2. Garrett made a smoking run on Expect A Big Boon for a 2.868 run and that would get him in the finals for Level 3 and for level 2 he was 7th place.
Team roping was next and in the heading we had Kate, Gavin and Garrett. Gavin was on fire and came back on three horses in the L3 finals. Garrett also coming back on his two horses and Kate coming back with Lucky the wonder horse. So it will be a battle of the Arizona Team to see who comes home with the top trophies!
In the Level 2 Heading remember the one on Fire… Gavin brought home the Silver and Bronze and also 5th, Garrett on two horses received the 6 & 7th placings.  Both boys in the Top 10 plus two trophies!
Team roping in heeling Kate, Garrett and Gavin were again our Arizona Team contestants.  Kate who has just started heeling had some trouble and just came in short from coming back to the finals. Garrett is coming back on Moms Hail Cat, he had the second highest score of the day in heeling. Gavin will be coming back on two Spooktazular Blonde and Twice a Shiner.
In the level 2 in heeling Kate was a finalist on of course Lucky Cee Blair, and Gavin was 9th  and then on Spooktazular Blonde Gavin brought home the GOLD!
All of our ropers did a great job and I hope they will all draw good cattle tomorrow in the finals.
Now to speed events:
We have 4 girls running the speed events this year.  Shea Graham with On The Other Side with just a barrel horse, Bridget Callaghan with two horses (One Smart Boonatic & Peptos Royal Winner) in all the events and one barrel horse (MP Express Dinero), Rylin Medcoff on her horse Victorys Gold and Brianna Heath with her horse Genes From Hollywood.
Pole bending was our first event and the girls did well but just missing the cut for the finals in L3, Rylin made it back to the Level 2 and was a finalist.
Barrels was next and there were a lot of fast times. Bridget had the first fast time to beat and it held for a lot of the class. Bridget will be coming back in the finals with two horses, Rylin just missed the cut by seconds, and Brianna and Shea just also missed out in Level 3.  Level 2 Bridget was 5th and Rylin was 9th.
Stake Race all three girls made in back to the level 3 finals and in the level 2 Brianna and Rylin were finalist and Bridget was 7th.
It was a very long day but we have a lot of our team coming back tomorrow so I will do a wrap up on all the total placings tomorrow.
Great day for Team Arizona!
The Final Day

Well here it is the final day of the 2019 Youth World Show and it ended as well as it started!
Speed events finals were first today and our girls had a good show.  Barrels was the first finals event that we had 2 horses in and both ridden by Bridget Callahan – MP Express Dinero and Peptos Royal Winner. Her first run she game in strong and had a great first turn and the second turn was a little short and knocked a barrel over, when she finished she had a really good time but adding the penalty costs her in the placings.  Her second horse had a good pattern and turned in a good time but just short of the Top 10 placings in the finals.  Bridget was a finalist on both horses.
Stake race was next and we had all three girls coming back in the finals for this class.  Brianna Heath was up first in the draw with her horse Gene From Hollywood and had a good time. Rylin on her horse Victorys Gold ran and her time was just a bit better that Brianna’s time. Bridget on Peptos Royal Winner ran and had the best time of our three Arizona Team members. It was nice to have all three of them in the finals. Bridget received a TOP 10 finish placing 9th, Bridget was happy since she would be able to get a TOP 10 jacket and that was her goal this year. Brianna and Rylin both finished as finalist.
A great job to all of our speed event girls.  Thanks to the parents that came to help the girls with their horses and I hope everyone had a good time and a safe drive home.  I’m sure Rylin will be happier for the drive home, since on the drive up the trucks a/c went out in Amarillo and they had to drive to Oklahoma City without a/c they managed to get it fixed once they got here but I’m sure it was a tough drive to get here. Again thanks to all that make the youth world trip.
Its roping time! Yes the finals for roping was here and we were all ready!
Starting off with the breakaway roping finals with Garrett and his horse Expect A Big Boon he was the 6th draw and there was already a 3.39 so Garrett knew he had to be fast out but that means pushing that barrier – too much and you can break it and get a 10 second penalty but get it right and your right out on the calf. Well Garrett was perfect on the barrier and stuck his rope on the calf in 2.40 seconds!  WOW this was now the time to beat.  This would put pressure on the rest of the ropers if they wanted to beat Garrett they would have to rope really fast! Many of them tried until one youth was super fast and roped in 2.09 seconds. So in the end Garrett won the SILVER for his quick time.
Then came the Heading class- Kate, Garrett, and Gavin where all in this class, in fact we had 6 of the 16 draws so we were going to win here for sure but what?  Gavin was second out and had a good run on Jackies Buck Fever. Gavin was 8th out on Spooktazular Blonde and had a good run but a little slow in the facing so it might have hurt him a little bit.  Kate was up on Lucky Cee Blair and she had a really good run that I thought should really be up in the scores. Garrett on Expect a Big Boon draw 12 had to take 2 loops which hurts him in the scoring. Gavin’s last run on Twice A Shinner has a good face and I thought would be a good score. Then there was Garrett on Moms Hail Cat the last rider draw 16. Garrett came out smoking fast and turn his steer really well to let his Dad Jason rope the heels and end the run.  Now everyone on the wall to wait to find out the placings!
Gavin placed as a finalist on Jackies Buck Fever, Garrett placed as a finalist on Expect A Big Boon, then it was TOP 10 time! Gavin on Twice A Shiner placed 10th and in the TOP 5 in 5th place on Spooktazular Blonde, but wait we still had 2 youth Kate and Garrett on the wall. Kate on Lucky Cee Blair would be called out for 4th place so great job Kate and Lucky. So where would Garrett place? The announcer called 3rd place no not Garrett, then the pause that goings on for it seems hours… Garrett would be called for the SILVER on Moms Hail Cat. Great job to all of our headers.
But then its the last class of the day, we were doing so well this last day could there be more? We had again the Hershberger Boys roping for team Arizona. So the finals began – Gavin was draw 4 and missed the first throw but recoiled his rope and stuck it on the heels the second time.  Garrett was draw 10 and came up with only one heel but thats ok he completed the run. When only catching the one leg as a heeler there is a 5 second time  penalty but when getting judged they do not penalize the horse for the roper missing the leg. Garrett’s run was really good. Gavin draw 14 again had 2 loops but the second time was a good run.
On the wall again for the placings. Lots of placings were announced, then the TOP 10 still the boys were on the wall. 8th placed would be called that was Gavin on Shiner, then 7th would also be Gavin on Blondey.  What a great youth world Gavin had! Wait Garrett was still on the wall, Top 5 still not Garrett.  Garrett won the World last year in heeling on the same horse could it be a repeat? Third still not Garrett, so it was the silver or gold could it really be a repeat? Announcer calls………..the other number for the Silver!  It was Garrett that wins the GOLD a REPEAT!!! WOW what a way to end the 2019 Youth World Show!
So you want to know the tally on all of our teams awards?  Well here there are! Great job everyone!
In the level 3- 6 yes that is 6 GOLD, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze, 1- 4th, 1-5th, 1-7th, 1-8th, 1-10th and 4 finalist
In the level 2- 1- GOLD, 1-4th, 1-7th 1-8th 1-10th and 4 finalist
Now I did this list from all of the papers I had so I might have missed a few but I think Team Arizona came home with a lot of WINS!
It was great to be back with the Youth and the parents for the Youth World Show and again it takes a village to keep everything working and thanks to all of the people that help all the youth all year long to get these youth to the world show.  I hope that all the youth thank those that have helped them along their journey and to thank AzQHA for their support of the Youth World show team.  Morgan Farrell your AzQHYA President has started a page in our AzQHA magazine to help spotlight our youth group. Please send articles to me that you would like published on your achievements, goals or fun ideas for our youth group to do together.
My thanks again to all of you for making the 2019 Youth World a success for Team Arizona.
Safe Travels,
Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor