AzQHYA Youth Scholarship Interviews

ANY ACTIVE* AzQHYA youth members can compete at the scholarship interviews that are held at the Arizona Fall Championship Show. Depending on the sponsorship funds received, up to 8 or more scholarships may be given and this amount may vary from year to year. Youth can only do one interview per year but can win multiple years.

See requirements for Active Members

  • Sign-ups will be at the Fall Championship show and the youth will have to sign up for a time slot for their interview, time slots are a first come/first served, if you have extenuating circumstance (i.e. Travel)  please contact AzQHA Secretary to reserve a time slot.
  • Youth will be asked pre-published interview questions and some non-published questions.

Sample questions:

Where do you see the future of the Quarter Horse industry and what changes would you make to improve it and create more youth participation?

What has impacted you the most during your youth career? What career path are you taking in college?

What have you done to help support the growth of AzQHYA?