2023 Points Standings

Through Pinnacle Circuit

Updated August 15th, 2023

We want to thank all of our exhibitors for their patience this year with regards to the year end points.  The points program we used for the past 20+ years was run by one individual who unfortunately passed away last year so we had to transition to a new program.  In addition to the new program we have had staffing changes creating delays in updating the point standings.  Our goal is to provide an easy to read format to check your points.  The new program we are using only calculates the AQHA entries from a show currently so we are diligently working to hand enter any of the All Breed and/or Walk Trot classes to reflect the correct point totals. AZQHA is very fortunate to have such strong participation in our affiliate, and we strive to highlight those accomplishments with accurate points.
If you see any discrepancies with the AQHA class point totals that are listed please reach out to Heidi Lane by email: azqhainfo@gmail.com.  Again, thank you for your patience and understanding this year.