Our Youth continue to bank their scholarship awards throughout the years. Below is a listing of past winners.

2019 Scholarship Show Awards

In total, $8,400 was awarded to the youth riders in the 2019 Scholarship Show, with the winner of each class receiving $500, while second and third place banked $300 and $200 respectively.

Scholarship recipients in the Horsemanship  Division were:

Future Beginner: Annabelle Hagen $500

Future Novice: Gavin Marx $500, Tyson Gillette $300

JV Beginner: Erica Severson $500, Ginia McFarland $300

JV Novice: Lauren Blumer $500, Bianca Juralvea $300

Future Intermediate: McKenna Bein $500, Kennedy Buchanan $300,

Aubree Leyva $200

Varsity Intermediate: Molly Thigpen $500, Kaci Rodriguez $300,

Olivia Felderhoff $200

Varsity Open: Anthony Luna $500, Lindsay Alrovy $300, Ava Marx $200

Reining Division recipients include:

Varsity Open: Anthony Luna $500

Varsity Intermediate: Molly Thigpen $500, Quinn Eisenfeld $300, Olivia Felderhoff $200

Future Intermediate: McKenna Bein $500, Kennedy Buchanan $300,

Aubree Leyva $200

2018  Arizona Fall Championship Show Winners:

Future Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Bianca Juralvea, $300 Ginia McFarland

Future Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Gabriela Vanezia, $300 Aubree Leyva

JV Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Maggie Raley, $300 Natalie Vichich

JV Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Lauren Blumer, $300 Micaela Blazek

Future Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Olivia Huls, $300 Kennedy Buchanan, $200 Olivia Felderhoff

Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Kaci Rodriguez, $300 Alex Krebs, $200 Daniella Stephenson

Varsity Open Horsemanship- $500 Madyson Buchanan, $300 Casmira Millan, $200 Anothony Luna

Varsity Open Reining- $500 Anothony Luna, $300 Madyson Buchanan, $200 Casmira Millan

Varsity Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Karina Kimery, $300 Kaci Rodriquez, $200 Alex Krebs

Future Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Olivia Huls,  $300 Kennedy Buchanan, $200 Olivia Felderhoff

2018 Scholarship Interview Winners:

Bianca Juravlea, Micaela Blazek, Catherine Miller, Casimira Millan, Kaylee, Hamm, Danielle Stephenson, Alexis Tretschok


2017  Arizona Fall Championship Show Winners:

Future Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Gabriela Vanezia

Future Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Quinn Eisenfeld, Karina Kimery $300.00

JV Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Morgan Farrell, Kamryn Castro $300.00

JV Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Chloe Alhaig,  $300.00 Elizabeth Perkins

Future Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Avery Shriver,  $300.00 Ben Balow

Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Anthony Luna

Varsity Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Anthony Luna

Future Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Ben Balow, $300.00 Avery Shriver