Here it is the last day Saturday at the 2016 Youth World and my last blog as Youth Advisor.

Today we had the reining finals and it was a really good one.  They had 27 going into the finals since we had so many ties for the final cut off they took 22 in the finals instead of the normal 15, they added the 5 from the shoot out and that gives you 27 for finals.  It was a great finals too, everyone was on their “A” game.
Kaylee Naylor on her horse had a few bobbles in her run but finished the pattern out strong and placed as a finalist in the reining. Chandler Winard was up and you almost had to be perfect if you wanted to get into the top ten and after the all the runs were finished Chandler came out with a top ten finish placing 7th.  Chandler also won in the prelims a 2nd in the team FEI reining contest that they had.  Both these girls did a great job in the reining.  Robbi-Kay Pederson made it to the shoot out but just missed to come back to the finals, BUT she did come out with a first place win. Remember she and Paul Parker teamed up to win the B & W hitch contest during the exhibitor party and a $500.00 prize for our AzQHYA team for next years youth world. Also I forgot to add in Fridays blog at the exhibitors party during the dog race, there were these really cute border collie puppies I’m happy to say the Naylor family have two new dogs! Sure come to the horseshow come back with two new dogs that sounds right. I was so glad that they took both dogs since they were brothers and you knew they just needed to be together, thanks Brandy and Brent for giving these puppies a great home.  Kaylee I do like your thought to your Mom that the two puppies were a lot cheaper than the horse you were going to buy.

I think overall Team Arizona did an amazing job, not only with scoring a lot of trophies but everyone was very helpful towards other team members and I think everyone had a good time this year.

Recap of the Awards and contests:
3- Gold, 1- Silver, 1- Bronze, 5- 4th, 1- 5th, 1- 6th, 1-7th, 1- 9th, and 2- finalist, 1st place and 2nd place in the 13 and Under. 1st place in the B & W Hitch contest, 3rd place in the Dog Race, 2nd place in the FEI, The youth partisipated in the Fashion Show, State pin exchange, Dance, Judging team, and Parade of Teams.

Thanks to Paul Parker and Shandiin Farrell for your help in the Region 7 & 8 get together and for handing out popsicles and water. Paul Parker for contacting the other states to be apart of the 22 for 22 walk for the vetran’s that you will be doing in November. Those of you AzQHA members that would like more information on this walk or would like to walk or give donations to support our vetran’s contact me.  To the parents that walked in the Parade of Teams for us as our “Roots” Bryan & Ann Buchanan, Cathy Frank and Sunny Parker.  Jim Searles,Cruz,Cathy Frank, Sunny Parker at the show helping with putting up the stall decorations. Jim Searles and Debbie Farrell for letting me use your trucks to pick up and return the stall curtains from the storage unit. Doug and Lisa Hamm that helped with construction of the stall decorations. To all the youth that helped put up the decorations and to Kaylee Hamm for coming up with the decoration ideas. Thank you to Sunny Parker for sending out the tweets, snapchats, hashtags, facebook, and all the social medial and pictures.  Sammy Roberts back in Arizona for putting our pictures on AzQHA facebook.  A special thank you and great job to all of the trainers, parents, family, friends, AzQHA and to all of the AzQHA members who have helped cheer on the youth at the youth world it has been a great ride!

To all of my Youth present and past I love you all and thank you for letting me tag along with you as your youth advisor these past 5 years.  You will always be my flying monkeys, so many of you I have watched you grow up and for some of you this too will be your last youth world show, good luck in school and in life. AzQHYA still has a lot of youth that will be coming back next year to take on the world, I wish all of you the best!

Thanks for the memories!

Connie Hay

Today was the prelims for the roping.  Shandiin was in the breakaway and got a quick calf and didn’t catch so she received a no score.  Then it was on to Heading where Kate Buchanan rode two horses in this event.  The first horse out she started out well in her run but she got a the steers front leg in the loop and that’s a illegal head catch in heading so she got a no score.  With her other horse she came out strong and had a good run, her score was enough to get her in finals at that point but the bubble made some changes towards the end and she missed out for the finals.  Kate and her family are headed back to Arizona today so safe travels!
Shandiin had two horses in the heeling today and on her first horse she got a score but not enough to get into the finals.  On her second run she was ready to heel but her header missed and had to take another loop so right off she was in the penalties, she did get to throw her rope and roped but with the extra loop of her header her score was not high enough for the finals.  Shandiin, Morgan and Mom Debbie packed up today and started out for Arizona, safe trip girls and thanks for coming this year.

Kaylee Naylor and Chandler Winard were gearing up for the finals, putting the finishing touches on their horses and game plan for tomorrows finals.

Also tonight was something new they had a exhibitors party for the reiner’s and cattle youth.  Its the first time they have done anything for the youth that come in later in the show and it was nice to see some fun things for these youth.  We had a dog race and costume contest, of which Peanut my dog won third.  If you know my dog you would not think he was a racer, but who knew?  Ok the dog treats waiting for him at the finish line could have had something to do with it.  Along with the dog events they had a contest where you had to undo a B & W hitch then lock it into place like you would to haul something then flip it over again and put it back.  Paul Parker and another boy were going to be on a team but we were told that the team had to be all one state.  I went over to the stalls and asked Robbi-Kay one of our reiner girls to come be on the team.  Robbi- Kay was willing but I tried to explain what it was she was going to do but I know she was just looking at me like I was a crazy person.  I told her she would understand and she walked over with me and her Dad to be on the team. Paul explained to Robbi-Kay what to do and his “plan” Robbi- Kay being the good sport said she understood.  The timer was set and they worked as a team and did the contest in 46 seconds! WOW – they were the champions and won AzQHYA $500.00 to help out with next years youth world show.  I say this was pretty darn good for one youth that doesn’t ride or even own a truck to know about how hitches work and a Arizona youth girl who was in her stalls one minute and then taken to an event and given instruction in 5 minutes- great job Paul and Robbi-Kay!

Last day tomorrow with our reining finals, so I hope we score high and win the top prizes.

I will be flying home on Saturday night so I will not do the blog until Sunday Morning so stay tuned for the wrap up.

Thanks to all of the youth that showed, the trainers, parents and family that came to help out and cheer on all of Team Arizona!  Good luck and safe travels back to Arizona and to those of you heading to NSBA good luck and we will be looking for you back in Arizona soon, be safe.

Till Tomorrow the last day of youth world 2016,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Well I hate to say rein or rain with Arizona washing away but it was a full day and then some with our reining class today.

The players: Kate Buchanan on two horses, Jessica Liebold, Kaylee Naylor on two horses, Robbi Kay Pederson and Chandler Winard.

Out of 117 runs today most of the reiner girls were in the top 23 in the draw. First out of our team in draw 12 was Chandler and she posted a really good score of 214.5 which would hold as a top score for many runs.  Kaylee on her first horse draw # 15 had a few bobbles and had a good score but not enough to keep her in the top numbers for the finals or shoot out, this would be the same for Kate with her horse in draw # 18. Then we had a few horses before the next draw 29 Jessica Leibold would post a 208 this would be a score high enough for the shoot out, well until those darn last horses went and bumped the bubble to 208.5 – so close Jessica, thank you for coming and I hoped you had fun on team Arizona!  Next to go in the draw was Kaylee on her second horse on draw 51.  Kaylee had a really good ride and posted a 212.5 to make it into the finals, so Kaylee is gong to the Finals on Saturday in reining! YAY.  We had to wait until draw 71 for Robbi-Kay to ride and her score just short by a half to make it in the finals, her score 211.5, just short of the finals so she had to go into the shoot out to see if she would be able to be one of the five to be taken from the shoot out and to go into the finals with the rest. We would have to wait until draw 116 second to last to go for the day for Kate’s second horse to show.  It started off really well but she had a bit of lead problems and would not score enough to make it to the shoot out.

In the shoot out Robbi Kay was our only rider to make it back to the shoot out she started out strong but a few things just didn’t go how she planed and after she woke up Joe Carter the judge by getting a little closer view of her horse than he wanted she would not make it back to the finals from the shoot out.

So to recap we have two girls going into the reining finals on Saturday, Kaylee Naylor on Spookamatic and Chandler Winard on Tags Golden Star, so get some rest lady’s! Thanks to Matt Mills and Patrick Flaherty for coming to help your youth girls.  Brent Naylor and Dan Huss you still have work to do!

Thankfully with the reining draws that we had I had time to run over to watch Taylor Searles on She Says Aloha in the Hunter Under Saddle finals.  I was sitting with Sunny Parker, the announcer would begin the placing’s the line up started getting smaller, top five then top three. On the third place horse he said the rider was 1st in 13 and under, so that’s not Taylor, yay! Down to Two! Seemed like the announcer took forever to say placing 1st in the Level 2- I knew then that’s not Taylor- she won the GOLD!  The announcer finished with the second place information and then Taylor Searles with She Says Aloha wins first place and the Gold trophy for Hunter Under Saddle- Great Job Taylor!

Roping!  It starts tomorrow with breakaway for Shandiin, then Kate Buchanan with two horses in heading and then Shandiin in the heeling. I hoping for big things from my roper girls, they have big shoes to fill since the Hershberger boys are not here this year. Wyatt will be starting College at New Mexico University and Garrett will be starting High School this year, wow how they grow up so fast.  Thank you to Dad Jason who sent me information for Isabella Nunes’ horse that is not sweating, I’m sure she thanks you. I guess someone does read these blogs. LOL

Just two more days left, I fly out on the late flight on Saturday so that days blog will be coming on Sunday so Lolli don’t stay up waiting to read the blog from Saturday.

Thanks to all of you that have sent thanks for the blogs on the show, and good wishes for the team its nice to know that you all care about the Arizona Youth Team.

Till Tomorrow

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Today started out with the finals in trail and Shea Graham and her horse had a good go until the very last maneuver which she stepped out of so it hurt her in the over all score.  Just to make it to the finals is wonderful and know they were hoping for a higher placing’s but Shea ended up as a finalist in trail today.  On the bright side I think this has really been the best world show Shea has had in a long time. You looked great out there Shea!

Hunter under saddle and hunt seat equitation prelims were today, this like the horsemanship classes of the other day seem to go on all day.  They split the class up into different splits they go, then they take 10 out of the split then they come back and go with the other splits until they get the top 20. Those top 20 come back and do it all over again to see who goes to the finals.  I know with the heat and humid here it is really taking a toll on the horses.  In the Hunter Under Saddle after all of the splits and things Taylor Searles made it back to the finals that happen tomorrow.  Hunt Seat Equitation had Isabella Nunes, Shea Graham and Taylor Searles and again going through many splits they all made it into a split. On the second round Isabella didn’t make it to the semi finals, she said that she was almost happy about it her horse worked really well in the class today and was almost out of gas.  Her horse is not sweating enough and it is really taking a toll on both rider and horse.  I talked to her and she had a great experience at her last Youth world show and was so happy and thankful that she could be on team Arizona for her last youth world.  Glad to have you now in Arizona and hope to see more of you at our Arizona shows. Both Shea and Taylor made it through the maze of splits to make it to the semi finals. The show gods did not favor our two youth today in this class they both missed the cut and I thought they both had enough to get to the finals.  Cheers to them I know they tried their best today but it just didn’t come to play that we have riders in the finals for Equitation tomorrow.

Tomorrow brings the finals for hunter under saddle for Taylor so we are hoping the best for her in the afternoon.

My reiner girls are up tomorrow for their prelims. We have four of our five girls all in the top 23 of the draw tomorrow so the morning will go really fast for most of our team.  Kate Buchanan will be showing two in the reining and  with already a 4th place win under her belt from Ranch Riding and her trainer Matt Mills, Kate is looking to add to her winnings.  New to our team from New Mexico is Jessica Liebold, Robbi-kay Pederson from Scottsdale both have their Mom’s here and have their trainer and new AzQHA Board of Director Patrick Flaherty to help them.  Kaylee Naylor riding two horses has her Dad Brent as her trainer and truck driver extraordinar and Mom Brandy also helping out. Chandler Winard has Dan Huss here for her trainer along with Mom Diane as her support group. These girls are ready to run hard, slide and spin into the finals!  We are so glad to have these girls on Team Arizona.  All of these girls normally ride in NRHA shows but have come over to the AQHA side and we are glad they have.  This year the AQHA Youth World is adding a special  added class into the reining as part of the FEI reining, so from the reining draw AQHYA is making teams of 23 so there will be about 5 teams. AQHA will be giving medals to the top teams from those 5 teams. Remember I said AzQHYA had four of our girls in the top 23, I think team one might be really hard to beat. We will see how all of that goes tomorrow.

We took down our stall decoration today, thank you to the Farrells who helped, Paul and Sunny Parker and Diane Winard.  Shandiin Farrell drove her truck with the decorations and stall curtains to the storage and we packed them in the storage unit for another year.  Not sure if I thanked Jim Searles for letting me use his truck to pick up the stall decorations at the start of the show- Thanks!

Its getting close to the end of the show and I want to thank all of the trainers, parents and youth that made this Youth World a great experience for all of team Arizona.  Job well done everyone!

Till Tomorrow!
Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Just got in from the show it was a late one, not because of the classes today but we had our fashion show and pin exchange plus a dance.  Morgan Farrell was our model for the jeans that she decorated and Paul Parker was the boots model which he decorated.  They were both great on the cat walk and really wowed the crowd with their moves!   Great job to both of them.  Morgan’s birthday was today and I was honored to be asked to have lunch with them- thanks Morgan and Happy Birthday!

Our only finals class today was the Ranch Riding and Kate Buchanan who had a great prelims with one of the highest scores, she was one of the last youth to go in the finals.  There were a lot of good runs in the finals and just to make it to the finals out of over 160 runs is one thing but to have to do it again for the finals I can not think how hard this had to be.  Plus this was a drawn pattern so no one had done it before and there were a lot of twists and turns where you could really mess up.  Kate came in strong and really did a great pattern. All of the youth came back into the arena for the placing’s, the announcer would go on and on to get to the top 10 then top 5 wow then forth that was Kate’s number. Placing in a huge class from prelims and then to go on to a top 5 win with a 4th that is really wonderful. Great job Kate.  Kate has reining on two horses and heading on another horse yet to go so a great start to your 2016 world show.

Tomorrow brings the finals for trail- Shea Graham will be ready for it. I saw her on the way out after her trail practice tonight and she said that her horse was ready for tomorrow.  See you in the morning Shea!
Prelims for our English rider starts in the morning after the trail finals.  Hunter under saddle for Taylor & Isabella. Then Equitation for those same two plus Shea.

All of my reiner girls are here and have been working their horses getting ready for Thursdays prelim.

I think everyone had a great time at the dance and who knew Trent Searles had dance moves, I’m sure they are from Jim his Dad.  Another one of our boys Paul Parker also showing his dance skills and also dancing with Shea Graham.  It is nice to see this year a lot of boys in the classes and walking around- I guess the boys finally got the word this is where all the girls are at the horseshow’s.

Its winding down only a few more days left. We will be tearing down the stall curtain decorations tomorrow and starting to get things cleaned up only a few more days left to go I hope we end with a lot of youth in the finals.

A shout out to our own Garrett Cooper who is working as a night steward for AQHA at the youth world.

Till Tomorrow
Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Today started off differently for me, as coach of our Judging Team!  The team of Shandiin Farrell, Paul Parker, and Morgan Farrell all meet at the stalls to go over last minute instructions this morning at 7:00am.  The fourth member of the team who we added just a few days ago, called in sick and could not make it so only having a three person team really put the team at a disadvantage right off.  We decided to press on and go with the team and the three really had a great time. We started at 8:00 am with the horse judging and then went until 4:00 for the team members to give their reason why they placed the horses they did.  It took a long time to get all of that done so I missed a lot of the classes that went on today in the other arena.  Thanks to Trent Searles who brought his nice halter mare for the judging and to Kate Buchanan for doing the reining part for the judging team.  At the awards meeting tonight for the judging team we didn’t win any of the awards but the kids are excited about doing it maybe next year.

Today in the main arena was showmanship prelims and Taylor Searles was so excited to be showing in this class, this is not her favorite class that she does but she will succeed at it I’m sure.  She did a great pattern well enough to get he back to the splits in the top 30 but didn’t make it to the finals. Next year Taylor.  I did hear that maybe next year Taylor might have a new event…Hunter Hack she was out practicing it today so next year we might have a hunter hack person in the mix. How fun it that?

Isabella Nunes was up in the western pleasure, I did not see her go but I see from the results from today she didn’t make it to the finals.  She has english coming up so more chances to get her name called.

Also today was the prelim for ranch riding, I just missed Kate Buchanan’s ride but it was a good one a 228 score which held up as the high score for a very long time, I believe only two others were higher.  Great ride Kate guess the show gods smiled on you for helping the judging team out. LOL  I sat with Bryan Buchanan AzQHA Board member and his family towards the end of the day of the last 20 or so runs of the ranch riding and we had a good time talking in the stands. Kate will have the finals to ride in then two horses in reining and one horse to rope on, so lets hope the show gods stay with her for the whole show!

Tuesday brings most of the finals from the previous days, so we will not have anyone ride tomorrow until later in the day when Kate rides in the finals for ranch riding, so lets cheer her on.

Tomorrow also brings the fashion show and pin exchange. Thanks to Blue Ribbon Awards our state pins that we give away are wonderful.  I will try to get a picture of them and have our Face book gal Sammy Roberts post it online.  Sammy has been doing a great job posting all the pictures for the YES seminar that we went to in July and now the world show- BIG thanks Sammy.

Brent Naylor and crew got in today.  I guess Brent brought all of the reining teams horses with him.  Kaylee Naylor and Chandler Winard are here along with Chandler’s Mom Diane and Kaylee’s Mom Brandy came with Brent. So that just leaves Jessica Leibold and Robbi Kay Pederson to get here and the Teams all here!

Glad to have everyone here now.  Our speed event girls Bridget Callaghan and Caylie Hemple left early today for home- Drive safe everyone glad to have you here for our speed events.

Hope to bring good news of trophies from tomorrows finals!

Till Tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

t was a very busy day today for sure!

Started off with halter with the 3 year old mares. Trent Searles was in the top five placings with a 4th place and a 2nd place in the 13 & under division and Monica was top five with a 5th place in the class.  The Aged Mares class had 18 horses and a lot of really nice mares in the class.  All of them were sent to the wall to wait for the placings.  The finalest were called and then they starting calling the 10 place horse and then we went all the way to top 5, Monica and Kaylee were still on the wall. Fourth place was called and that was Monica. So that left three on the wall these would be the trophy winners, who would it be?  They called out third not Kaylee that left two on the wall would Kaylee get the GOLD?  The announcer said that the reserve winner was the winner of the 13 and under so I knew Kaylee was the winner and then the announcer called out Kaylee for the Gold!  This was a great way to end the halter.

Prelims for the speed events were today all of the girls did really well in all of their events today.  All of the girls were all close to the getting into the finals and just missed the cut some of them just by fractions of a second. Shandiin last night at warm up was injured and did not run the barrels today we hope she is feeling better tomorrow.  Bridget and Caylie will be heading out back to home so they can start school.

We said good bye to Sydney Frank tonight after out parade of teams, since she missed the finals in trail today she too is heading back in the morning, missing Monday of school but starting back Tuesday. Thanks to Cathy Frank, Bryan & Ann Buchanan, and Sunny Parker for being the “roots” of our parade of teams.
Back to trail today, our Shea Graham had a great ride in trail today with a 220 and made it back to the finals on Wednesday.  Great Job Shea!

Tomorrow brings something new for Team Arizona, we have a judging team.  I went to the coaches meeting just before the parade of teams and signed up our team and received all of the score sheets. Should be an interesting morning.  The team is made up of Shandiin and Morgan Farrell, Paul Parker and Allen Hinds ( he needed a team so we took him on).  We want to thank Trent Searles for being one of the exhibitors in halter and to Kate Buchanan for riding in the reining for the judging contest.

After the parade of teams region 7 & 8 had popsicles that they handed out to everyone, it was a nice cold treat and I think everyone really enjoyed them.  Thank you Paul Parker and Shandiin Farrell our Region 7 National Directors for coming up with this event, I think everyone had a good time- who doesn’t like ice cream?

Prelims tomorrow for showmanship, western pleasure, ranch riding. Another busy show day plus the judging contest too.

Till tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

This morning started off with halter, Monica Hamm showed her 2 yr old mare and did a great job just out of the trophies with a 4th place finish.    Trent Searles also was in this class and at his second Youth World show he was in the Top Ten with a 6th place finish and 1st in the 13 and under division. Great job Trent! Trent has another mare so he will get another chance to go for the Gold. Monica had to hurry out of the line up since she was first up in the next class the 3 yr old geldings so of course a jacket change for the new horse and she was at the start cone ready for her class. Kaylee Hamm was also in this class so its always hard to know which will come out on top until the announcer calls them. A number of horses were called out until three were left on the wall, two of them were the Sisters Hamm.  Monica would be called for the Bronze a third place, that left Kaylee and another horse, then the announcer called the second place Silver, well guess what that wasn’t our Kaylee’s number the GOLD went to Kaylee!  I forgot to wish Kaylee a Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday on the 5th so this is a good late Birthday present. Great job of showing all of the halter horses today, more to come on Sunday.

Western Riding finals were also today and we had two Team Arizona members in the class.  Taylor Searles and Shea Graham.  Shea had a really good go and ended up top ten finish with a 9th place- Great Job Shea.
Then there was Taylors run, you know there is always something strange that can happen at the world show those show gods are pretty funny at times.  Taylor started out the pattern fine then her horse decide he would like to hold the reins and do the driving.  Taylor kept her cool and just went on with a great pattern with her horse holding the rein in his mouth for a while. We were not too sure what the judges were going to do with that but we once again waited for the announcer for the placings.  Shea was called out for the 9th, then the announcer kept going and going and going there were now 5 people on the wall Taylor was still in there,
fourth place was called and that was Taylor. Great Job for making it into the finals Shea and Taylor and both coming away with a top ten and top five placing.

Prelims for Horsemanship was today and with over 165 goes it went on all day. Taylor had a really good go and made it back to the semi finals, but didn’t make it to the finals.  One of our newest members to Team Arizona is Isabella Nunes she had a good ride but just not enough to get back to the splits, we will see Isabella again in the western pleasure, trail and english. Shea also had a great ride and she made it back to the split but not the semi finals.

Tomorrow is a big day- its our Parade of Teams and region 7 & 8 are having a popsicle party after the Parade of Teams so that will be fun for the Youth.
Back to the show- tomorrow we will have the completion of all halter classes- Kaylee showing three horses, Monica and Trent also showing.  Prelims for trail will happen in the other arena so I will be running back and forth trying to see all the kids runs.  In trail we have Sydney Frank on two horses, Isabella Nunes, and Taylor Searles.  Tomorrow also brings the Speed!  Prelims for our barrels, poles and stake race – Bridget Callaghan, Caylie Hemple, Morgan and Shandiin Farrell will be burning up the dirt running fast, turning hard and getting to the timer as fast as they can so they can make it into the finals on Monday.

All of our team is here now except for our reining youth but they will be getting here soon. Our ropers this year will only be the girls, so go girls power!  My Hershberger boys, Wyatt, Garrett and Gavin have been doing great at the High Schools rodeo finals and have been running the highways to go to all of the competitions – they have all been doing great and winning the top placings. Since Wyatt starts college this year and Garrett starts High school and with the family gone so much already this year the family decided to miss this years Youth World show but they tell me they will be back next year for sure since that is Wyatt’s last year in Youth.

Watch the Parade of Teams on the live web streaming, cheer for Team Arizona!

Till Tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Well our first day showing and thanks to Monica Hamm and her aged gelding, Team Arizona has its first world show trophy!  The aged geldings had 14 in the class and there were a lot of world class contenders this year.  Before Monica could even start the horse ahead of her had to come back around and re jog for the judges.  So Monica skillfully moved her horse away from the start cone so the horse could go past the judges again.  Once that was completed Monica went past the line of judges and went to the line up.  As some of you know who might show halter or even showmanship these older horses that have been shown a lot learn when they are in the show arena and know when they can misbehave.  Monica handled her horse well and remained calm showing her horse.  I know that Monica wanted to win the gold with this horse since this is her last year in Youth but a second will do for sure.  Monica and her Sister Kaylee will be showing tomorrow in the 2 year old mares (both in the same class) and then again in the 3 year old geldings (both in the same class).  For the past few years now it is always hard to know which Sister will come out on top but I’m sure how ever the placing’s the Hamm girls will be happy for each other.

Lane Kail was going to make his debuted this year at the world show, but since his Mom Andrea just had surgery it was thought best to stay home.  Lane has a lot more years to come to the youth world since he is only 9 year old so we will see you next year Lane and all the family.  Prayers to your family for a speedy recovery Andrea!

After all of the nail biting from halter tomorrow we will see three of our girls in the prelims of western horsemanship.  At her first Youth world for Team Arizona Isabella Nunes will be in the saddle for horsemanship along with Shea Graham and Taylor Searles.

So lets talk about what happen with Taylor, Shea and Sydney at the western riding prelims today.  Sydney came out first in the draw and really was having a great ride until just at the last change and had a little bobble, but Sydney kept it together and rode through it to finish her pattern.  The judges called out a review for the score so we were hoping for the best.  When the review came in was a 199 1/2 which held up for a shoot out spot for awhile.  It was a great ride, I’m not sure who was more nervous Sydney or her mother Cathy.  I was sitting with Cathy for the ride and she was in charge of doing the video, she was happy that she remembered to take the cover off the lens but I’m not sure about the picture since Cathy was shaking so much.  I have to say just wow Sydney on your makeup you looked wonderful, your Mom was not happy when I said you looked 20, sorry Mom. Taylor was up next and her ride was really good 225 to make it back to the finals.  Kathy & GW Tobin was there to watch along with Suzie Johns and her son Jeff and of course Grandma Marylou.  Kathy sent out a teleapathic message to Taylors horse to be good, and it must have worked because he did really well.  Kathy same message at the finals please!  I was down at the stalls working on decorations when Shea’s ride was up, but thanks to time delay video I watched it with Shea and Kerry Graham in the warm up pen.  I asked Shea how her ride was, she said it was really good and after watching I agreed she scored a 220 1/2 the best Shea had done at a prelim at worlds. This could be your year Shea so hang in there.

Kaylee Hamm as out going AzQHYA President was in charge of coming up with the stall decorations and I think they turned out great.  Kaylee’s Dad Doug cut out and painted cactus and made a big chalk board and a big board with Arizona on it then there were nails and numbers on the board.  This was a puzzle that when put together came out wonderful.  The numbers on the board matched numbers on picture frames and once added altogether it became a wonderful picture piece of Arizona Roots!  Lots of pictures of “Old Roots” history from the 70’s and 80’s in the picture frames.  We have already had some of the older people stepping up and looking at the pictures and saying I knew them back then.  On the two wooden cactus we have old black and white photos of some of the old youth teams and people that have helped our association grow over the years.  On the other cactus there are colored pictures of our 2016 youth team and their names.  Maybe 10 years from now those will be our roots?  It is nice to see all the old with the new and it really captures the theme “my roots run deep”.  Thanks to Kaylee’s Mom Lisa who labeled all of the pictures and I know had a hand in getting all of the pictures printed and items gathered.  It really takes a village sometimes.  The other youth that helped put up the stall decorations were Taylor and Trent Searles, Sydney Frank and her Mom Cathy, Jim Searles, Cruz, Kaylee Hamm , Sunny Parker and myself.  I will try to get some pictures of the decorations online for you by face book or twitter.

Those that came into today were the Farrells and the Hemples- glad to have you.  I know that the Callaghans should be in tonight.  The stalls are starting to fill up.

News of Arizona weather has been on everyone’s phone, the weather here in Oklahoma City is steamy but the rain and in some places the flooding seems unreal in Arizona.  We hope everyone is safe and animals too.

Till tomorrow!

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor

Can you believe another year has gone by?  Tomorrow starts off with halter, Monica Hamm with her aged gelding will be the only one showing, but this is one of four horses she will be showing at the world show.  After the halter finals we will have three of our girls riding in Western Riding, Taylor Searles riding two horses, Shea Graham and I’m glad to have back Sydney Frank.  Sydney has two horses she will be showing this year at world and its been a long time coming back but she is ready with two healthy horses ready to take on the WORLD.

Today we put up the stall curtains, well the start of them anyway.  With the help of Jim Searles and his man Cruz they put up the wood and we got the base of the stall curtains up and we are ready to work on the main show piece of our stall decorations.  Kaylee Hamm our out going AzQHYA President has worked really hard on this years theme “My Roots Run Deep”.  A special thank you to Doug Hamm, Kaylee’s Dad for getting all of the decoration cut and painted for use to hang up and bring Kaylee’s ideas to life.  I think it will be a great statement to our Arizona Roots both young and old.  More on that when we get it up tomorrow.

More thanks go out to AzQHA for sponsoring our Youth Team from entries, stalls, decorations and everything in between.  Thank you to Jim Searles for helping with the stall decorations and lending me your truck to go get the wood and stall curtains, so much easier than getting the wood in a rental car. Also the Searles family also donated the Team Tee shirts and thanks to Taylor for coming up with the design. The Youth will wear them at the parade of teams on Sunday.  Kimes Ranch Jeans also sponsored the jeans that the youth will be wearing during the parade of teams.  For the past three years the youth has had a fashion show and pin trading and that will be on Tuesday, thank you Blue Ribbon Awards for sponsoring and to Kaylee for coming up with the design of the pin.

You can follow all of our riders during the show at www.aqha/youthworld and then there will be a link for the web cast.  Also you can follow us on Twitter – azqhya@azqhya1
check us out on face book at AzQHA. Or if you are just and email type of person like myself you can just wait for my blog each night.  Also new this year you will be able to go on to click on youth world to also see my blog if you cannot stay up long enough at night you can read it in the morning.

That’s it for now and the show hasn’t even started yet, so stay tuned and thank you for cheering us on at home.

Till tomorrow!
Connie Hay
AzQHYA Secretary