AzQHA Awards Scholarships at the Arizona Fall Championship

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association awarded over $18,000 in scholarship funds during the AZ Fall Championship Show this September. It was the third year that the organization held their innovative ASCENT  scholarship competitions on the last day of the prestigious show.  The programs are designed to encourage youth membership and reward excellence. In order to qualify for these scholarship awards, youth must be AzQHYA members and show at two of the three AzQHA No Bling Shows. Scholarship funds earned by exhibitors are kept in a restricted account by AzQHA until the student graduates from high school. Then, the funds are paid directly to the college, trade school or university that student attends. The Interscholastic Scholarship Show offered 5 classes in Horsemanship and 3 in Reining. Riders compete on horses they have never ridden before and they are not given any time prior to the class to get to know their [...]

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National Championship Tournament Rankings

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association is excited to announce the mid-year rankings for Showmanship, Horsemanship and Equitation exhibitors in the lead up to the National Championship Tournament being held at Sun Circuit 2019. Each division lists the individuals who were scored by the committee, as well as those currently leading the pack at this mid point of the show year. However, there are still plenty of shows to go before the final list is compiled and eligible exhibitors to the Tournament are announced. This brand new and exciting Championship Tournament format is creating a good deal of buzz around the show world. The hoopla of the Final Four competitions in each class will certainly be rewarding for exhibitors and entertaining for spectators. Additionally, the overall impact on showing in general could be enormous. The more an exhibitor shows throughout the entire year, the more exposure they have and the greater their opportunity [...]

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