Arizona Quarter Horse Association’s mission:

AzQHA is an Arizona not for profit corporation organized for the purpose of being an affiliate of the AQHA to provide beneficial services for its members and non-members within the state of Arizona that enhance and encourage American Quarter Horse ownership and participation.


  • To create and maintain AQHA approved shows including special event shows.
  • To support AQHA approved show and special event shows managed by non AzQHA entities and individuals.
  • To provide support for non AQHA events for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging American Quarter Horse ownership.
  • To support Ranch Horse interests.
  • To develop and support non-competitive /recreational interests.
  • To maintain an aggressive youth program to encourage youth participation in AQHA activities.
  • To maintain a Hall of Fame to recognize the contributions of people and horses in the Quarter Horse industry in Arizona.
  • To provide educational programs such as clinics and other activities that might be developed.



*Updated 8/20/14 approved by Board of Directors.