Take a trip down memory lane over the past 40 years. Can you recognize these AzQHA members?

Check out Sun Circuit in the 70’s when it was held Paradise Park









 Would You Believe?

Jimmie Paul riding hunters? Flappers at the Fall Classic? Trail courses that were actually like trails?


Millie Farmington

Mike Spitzer Ante A Copper

Matt Kimes

Marc & Debie

Marc Conenza & Moons Pokey 1974

Lori Manion

Lori Garrett

Leyba Chester & Chino Poco Berta 1968

Debbie Cooper

Jim Paul, Jimmie, Randy & Betty

Jeff McDowell

Jacque Aiello & King Wimp Redman 1973

Jane Trimble & Dick George 1969

Jimmie Paul

Jack McDaniel & Chocolate Dart 1969

Elise Van Ausdall 1974

Flappers, Gangsters and Gun Molls at the Fall Classic

Laurel Walker 1966

KK Wee Panther

Kitchie Spitzer 1973

Kimes Family 1993

Kathy Tobin