Great Competition and Fun Events Highlight Friday

Today was the prelims for the roping.  Shandiin was in the breakaway and got a quick calf and didn’t catch so she received a no score.  Then it was on to Heading where Kate Buchanan rode two horses in this event.  The first horse out she started out well in her run but she got a the steers front leg in the loop and that’s a illegal head catch in heading so she got a no score.  With her other horse she came out strong and had a good run, her score was enough to get her in finals at that point but the bubble made some changes towards the end and she missed out for the finals.  Kate and her family are headed back to Arizona today so safe travels!
Shandiin had two horses in the heeling today and on her first horse she got a score but not enough to get into the finals.  On her second run she was ready to heel but her header missed and had to take another loop so right off she was in the penalties, she did get to throw her rope and roped but with the extra loop of her header her score was not high enough for the finals.  Shandiin, Morgan and Mom Debbie packed up today and started out for Arizona, safe trip girls and thanks for coming this year.

Kaylee Naylor and Chandler Winard were gearing up for the finals, putting the finishing touches on their horses and game plan for tomorrows finals.

Also tonight was something new they had a exhibitors party for the reiner’s and cattle youth.  Its the first time they have done anything for the youth that come in later in the show and it was nice to see some fun things for these youth.  We had a dog race and costume contest, of which Peanut my dog won third.  If you know my dog you would not think he was a racer, but who knew?  Ok the dog treats waiting for him at the finish line could have had something to do with it.  Along with the dog events they had a contest where you had to undo a B & W hitch then lock it into place like you would to haul something then flip it over again and put it back.  Paul Parker and another boy were going to be on a team but we were told that the team had to be all one state.  I went over to the stalls and asked Robbi-Kay one of our reiner girls to come be on the team.  Robbi- Kay was willing but I tried to explain what it was she was going to do but I know she was just looking at me like I was a crazy person.  I told her she would understand and she walked over with me and her Dad to be on the team. Paul explained to Robbi-Kay what to do and his “plan” Robbi- Kay being the good sport said she understood.  The timer was set and they worked as a team and did the contest in 46 seconds! WOW – they were the champions and won AzQHYA $500.00 to help out with next years youth world show.  I say this was pretty darn good for one youth that doesn’t ride or even own a truck to know about how hitches work and a Arizona youth girl who was in her stalls one minute and then taken to an event and given instruction in 5 minutes- great job Paul and Robbi-Kay!

Last day tomorrow with our reining finals, so I hope we score high and win the top prizes.

I will be flying home on Saturday night so I will not do the blog until Sunday Morning so stay tuned for the wrap up.

Thanks to all of the youth that showed, the trainers, parents and family that came to help out and cheer on all of Team Arizona!  Good luck and safe travels back to Arizona and to those of you heading to NSBA good luck and we will be looking for you back in Arizona soon, be safe.

Till Tomorrow the last day of youth world 2016,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor