More Youth World Excitement

Today started off differently for me, as coach of our Judging Team!  The team of Shandiin Farrell, Paul Parker, and Morgan Farrell all meet at the stalls to go over last minute instructions this morning at 7:00am.  The fourth member of the team who we added just a few days ago, called in sick and could not make it so only having a three person team really put the team at a disadvantage right off.  We decided to press on and go with the team and the three really had a great time. We started at 8:00 am with the horse judging and then went until 4:00 for the team members to give their reason why they placed the horses they did.  It took a long time to get all of that done so I missed a lot of the classes that went on today in the other arena.  Thanks to Trent Searles who brought his nice halter mare for the judging and to Kate Buchanan for doing the reining part for the judging team.  At the awards meeting tonight for the judging team we didn’t win any of the awards but the kids are excited about doing it maybe next year.

Today in the main arena was showmanship prelims and Taylor Searles was so excited to be showing in this class, this is not her favorite class that she does but she will succeed at it I’m sure.  She did a great pattern well enough to get he back to the splits in the top 30 but didn’t make it to the finals. Next year Taylor.  I did hear that maybe next year Taylor might have a new event…Hunter Hack she was out practicing it today so next year we might have a hunter hack person in the mix. How fun it that?

Isabella Nunes was up in the western pleasure, I did not see her go but I see from the results from today she didn’t make it to the finals.  She has english coming up so more chances to get her name called.

Also today was the prelim for ranch riding, I just missed Kate Buchanan’s ride but it was a good one a 228 score which held up as the high score for a very long time, I believe only two others were higher.  Great ride Kate guess the show gods smiled on you for helping the judging team out. LOL  I sat with Bryan Buchanan AzQHA Board member and his family towards the end of the day of the last 20 or so runs of the ranch riding and we had a good time talking in the stands. Kate will have the finals to ride in then two horses in reining and one horse to rope on, so lets hope the show gods stay with her for the whole show!

Tuesday brings most of the finals from the previous days, so we will not have anyone ride tomorrow until later in the day when Kate rides in the finals for ranch riding, so lets cheer her on.

Tomorrow also brings the fashion show and pin exchange. Thanks to Blue Ribbon Awards our state pins that we give away are wonderful.  I will try to get a picture of them and have our Face book gal Sammy Roberts post it online.  Sammy has been doing a great job posting all the pictures for the YES seminar that we went to in July and now the world show- BIG thanks Sammy.

Brent Naylor and crew got in today.  I guess Brent brought all of the reining teams horses with him.  Kaylee Naylor and Chandler Winard are here along with Chandler’s Mom Diane and Kaylee’s Mom Brandy came with Brent. So that just leaves Jessica Leibold and Robbi Kay Pederson to get here and the Teams all here!

Glad to have everyone here now.  Our speed event girls Bridget Callaghan and Caylie Hemple left early today for home- Drive safe everyone glad to have you here for our speed events.

Hope to bring good news of trophies from tomorrows finals!

Till Tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor