t was a very busy day today for sure!

Started off with halter with the 3 year old mares. Trent Searles was in the top five placings with a 4th place and a 2nd place in the 13 & under division and Monica was top five with a 5th place in the class.  The Aged Mares class had 18 horses and a lot of really nice mares in the class.  All of them were sent to the wall to wait for the placings.  The finalest were called and then they starting calling the 10 place horse and then we went all the way to top 5, Monica and Kaylee were still on the wall. Fourth place was called and that was Monica. So that left three on the wall these would be the trophy winners, who would it be?  They called out third not Kaylee that left two on the wall would Kaylee get the GOLD?  The announcer said that the reserve winner was the winner of the 13 and under so I knew Kaylee was the winner and then the announcer called out Kaylee for the Gold!  This was a great way to end the halter.

Prelims for the speed events were today all of the girls did really well in all of their events today.  All of the girls were all close to the getting into the finals and just missed the cut some of them just by fractions of a second. Shandiin last night at warm up was injured and did not run the barrels today we hope she is feeling better tomorrow.  Bridget and Caylie will be heading out back to home so they can start school.

We said good bye to Sydney Frank tonight after out parade of teams, since she missed the finals in trail today she too is heading back in the morning, missing Monday of school but starting back Tuesday. Thanks to Cathy Frank, Bryan & Ann Buchanan, and Sunny Parker for being the “roots” of our parade of teams.
Back to trail today, our Shea Graham had a great ride in trail today with a 220 and made it back to the finals on Wednesday.  Great Job Shea!

Tomorrow brings something new for Team Arizona, we have a judging team.  I went to the coaches meeting just before the parade of teams and signed up our team and received all of the score sheets. Should be an interesting morning.  The team is made up of Shandiin and Morgan Farrell, Paul Parker and Allen Hinds ( he needed a team so we took him on).  We want to thank Trent Searles for being one of the exhibitors in halter and to Kate Buchanan for riding in the reining for the judging contest.

After the parade of teams region 7 & 8 had popsicles that they handed out to everyone, it was a nice cold treat and I think everyone really enjoyed them.  Thank you Paul Parker and Shandiin Farrell our Region 7 National Directors for coming up with this event, I think everyone had a good time- who doesn’t like ice cream?

Prelims tomorrow for showmanship, western pleasure, ranch riding. Another busy show day plus the judging contest too.

Till tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor