This morning started off with halter, Monica Hamm showed her 2 yr old mare and did a great job just out of the trophies with a 4th place finish.    Trent Searles also was in this class and at his second Youth World show he was in the Top Ten with a 6th place finish and 1st in the 13 and under division. Great job Trent! Trent has another mare so he will get another chance to go for the Gold. Monica had to hurry out of the line up since she was first up in the next class the 3 yr old geldings so of course a jacket change for the new horse and she was at the start cone ready for her class. Kaylee Hamm was also in this class so its always hard to know which will come out on top until the announcer calls them. A number of horses were called out until three were left on the wall, two of them were the Sisters Hamm.  Monica would be called for the Bronze a third place, that left Kaylee and another horse, then the announcer called the second place Silver, well guess what that wasn’t our Kaylee’s number the GOLD went to Kaylee!  I forgot to wish Kaylee a Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday on the 5th so this is a good late Birthday present. Great job of showing all of the halter horses today, more to come on Sunday.

Western Riding finals were also today and we had two Team Arizona members in the class.  Taylor Searles and Shea Graham.  Shea had a really good go and ended up top ten finish with a 9th place- Great Job Shea.
Then there was Taylors run, you know there is always something strange that can happen at the world show those show gods are pretty funny at times.  Taylor started out the pattern fine then her horse decide he would like to hold the reins and do the driving.  Taylor kept her cool and just went on with a great pattern with her horse holding the rein in his mouth for a while. We were not too sure what the judges were going to do with that but we once again waited for the announcer for the placings.  Shea was called out for the 9th, then the announcer kept going and going and going there were now 5 people on the wall Taylor was still in there,
fourth place was called and that was Taylor. Great Job for making it into the finals Shea and Taylor and both coming away with a top ten and top five placing.

Prelims for Horsemanship was today and with over 165 goes it went on all day. Taylor had a really good go and made it back to the semi finals, but didn’t make it to the finals.  One of our newest members to Team Arizona is Isabella Nunes she had a good ride but just not enough to get back to the splits, we will see Isabella again in the western pleasure, trail and english. Shea also had a great ride and she made it back to the split but not the semi finals.

Tomorrow is a big day- its our Parade of Teams and region 7 & 8 are having a popsicle party after the Parade of Teams so that will be fun for the Youth.
Back to the show- tomorrow we will have the completion of all halter classes- Kaylee showing three horses, Monica and Trent also showing.  Prelims for trail will happen in the other arena so I will be running back and forth trying to see all the kids runs.  In trail we have Sydney Frank on two horses, Isabella Nunes, and Taylor Searles.  Tomorrow also brings the Speed!  Prelims for our barrels, poles and stake race – Bridget Callaghan, Caylie Hemple, Morgan and Shandiin Farrell will be burning up the dirt running fast, turning hard and getting to the timer as fast as they can so they can make it into the finals on Monday.

All of our team is here now except for our reining youth but they will be getting here soon. Our ropers this year will only be the girls, so go girls power!  My Hershberger boys, Wyatt, Garrett and Gavin have been doing great at the High Schools rodeo finals and have been running the highways to go to all of the competitions – they have all been doing great and winning the top placings. Since Wyatt starts college this year and Garrett starts High school and with the family gone so much already this year the family decided to miss this years Youth World show but they tell me they will be back next year for sure since that is Wyatt’s last year in Youth.

Watch the Parade of Teams on the live web streaming, cheer for Team Arizona!

Till Tomorrow,

Connie Hay
AzQHYA Advisor