4th SHOW IN 4 SHOW SERIES (1st show of 3 for IEA for 2018) @WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ

Download as pdf: Nov 11 No Bling Rules & Fees


APPROVALS: This show is approved by the American Quarter Horse Association and the Arizona Quarter Horse Association. The show will be conducted in accordance with the current rules of these organizations.

SHOW POINTS: Points earned WILL count towards AzQHA year-end awards and AQHA national points. This show is the 4th show in the series and each individual’s cumulative points from these 4 shows will count towards the special year- end awards for the series. You MUST show at two out of the four shows in the series to qualify. IEA exhibitors this is the 1st show of three show series for 2018, you must show in two of the three shows.

REGISTRATIONS: All horses shown in classes designated to be AQHA Open, Youth, Amateur, Novice Youth, or Novice Amateur classes must have current AQHA registration papers. A photocopy of these papers must be sent with the entries or presented at the Show Office prior to entering. Horses shown in All Breed classes may be of any breed and do not need to bring any registration papers.

AQHA MEMBERSHIP: All riders showing in classes designated to be AQHA classes must have a current AQHA membership card and must meet AQHA requirements for Amateur or Novice status. A Novice Youth or Amateur is a rider who has earned fewer than 25 Amateur, or Youth AQHA points and/or has earned fewer than 25 AQHA Novice Amateur or Novice Youth points in each skill set. AQHA memberships will be available at the Show Office the day of the show.

PRE-ENTRIES: Pre-entry is strongly recommended, If you are in a cattle class we need to know by Nov 3rd. Send the completed entry form, along with copies of the horse’s papers and riders AQHA membership card (if showing in AQHA classes) Shawn Martin 28618 N. 53rd St Cave Creek , AZ 85331 Fax 480-515-1496 DO NOT SEND MONEY along with the entries; entry fees will be collected at the show. PLEASE pre enter so our show starts ON TIME.

SHOW FEES: Open, Amateur and Youth $13, Novice Youth and Novice Amateur $12, Walk Trot and All Breed $11. VRH show $13 rail classes, See below of up today VRH fees for cattle classes. Stalls will be available for Friday night at $90.00- includes 2 bags of shavings and for use of the stall on Saturday, Saturday use only $65.00 –includes 2 bags of shavings. Call Dana Yingling 480-239-5381 before Nov 3th for stalls and cattle classes. No SHAVINGS can be brought into Westworld. NO arenas will be open on Friday to ride in. Drug fee of $5.00 per horse will be added for all AQHA classes to cover the AQHA drug fee. $20.00 OFFICE FEE per horse. Trophy fee of $1.00 per AQHA class which is included in the class fees are for the AzQHA year-end trophy fund. YOU MUST HAVE A 12 MONTH CURRENT COGGINS OR HEALTH PAPERS FOR ALL HORSES BROUGHT INTO WESTWORLD. WESTWORLD WILL BE CHECKING HORSES WHEN THEY COME IN.

SHOW SCHEDULE: Show management reserves the right to adjust the show schedule as may be necessary.

ALL BREED YOUTH OR ADULT CLASSES: These classes are for any breed of horses/mules. AQHA horses can show in both all breed and AQHA classes, if schooling please let the gate person know that you do not want to be judged in the class.

YOUTH/AMATEUR: Youth classes are for riders 18 years or younger. Amateur classes are for riders 19 years of age or older. In addition, the Amateur classes require that the rider is not a professional and does not receive compensation for giving riding lessons or training horses. AQHA riders must have an AQHA amateur card before showing in any AQHA Amateur class.

PERFORMANCE HALTER: The horse must have an ROM (Register of Merit) from AQHA in any division Open, Amateur or Youth to show in this class to be eligible to show in performance halter. If eligible a performance halter horse can go in regular halter or the performance halter BUT NOT both classes.
WALK/TROT: Open to riders of all ages and horses of all breeds. Persons entering Walk/Trot may NOT enter ALL BREED Youth/Adult or AQHA classes, except for in showmanship and halter. If you have loped in any breed/AQHA classes you cannot show in walk trot.

APPAREL- You must wear western attire for western classes- long pants, long sleeve shirts, western hat, and cowboy boots, chaps are optional- English attire for english classes- hunt coat, breeches, english boots, hard hat, shirt with tie or choker. No Bling means that you can use nylon halters for halter, do not need a showmanship jacket, can use work bridle or saddle does not have to have silver. Not necessary to use fake tails or hoof black. You will not be counted down if you do use silver or show clothes, but a nice simple outfit and clean tack will work just as well.

*CATTLE RESERVATIONS. Any cattle class entries

received after Nov 3, 2017 will be subject to rerun cattle. Cattle fees are subject to current market cost and are subject to

change. Any cattle classes that are scratched, entry will be responsible for cattle fees.


VRH Show at No Bling Show- November 11, 2017

Cattle Fees
VRH Open, Cowboy and Amateur Cutting & Cow work division* – $ 120.00
($120 includes cattle fee for Cutting, Cow Work or Limited Cow Work)

VRH Youth Cutting & Cow work –
($60 includes cattle fee for Cutting & Cow Work or Limited Cow Work)

VRH Cow Work or Limited Cow Work/division* –
($60 only for Cow work or Limited Cow Work- NO Cutting)

Total show fee breakdown:
$223 to enter all classes per division – Includes all cattle fees, AQHA drug fee and office fee.
$163 Youth to enter all classes per division- Includes all cattle fees, AQHA drug fee and office fee.
$163 entry in a division to all classes except Cutting – includes cow work fees (NO cutting), all other classes, AQHA drug fee and office fee.
Individual classes are $13.00 plus AQHA drug fee, cattle fee if applicable and office fee.
The VRH is a separate show than the No Bling show, if you show in classes other than the VRH you will be charged another AQHA drug fee per horse. The office fee is only one time per horse. *Division (Open, Cowboy, Amateur, & Youth)