ASCENT Program


AzQHA has developed an innovative scholarship program designed to encourage membership and reward excellence. Arizona Youth members who are going to college are eligible to compete for a portion of the scholarship funds.

Why do we call it ASCENT?  Ascent means to a rise to an important position or a higher level.  The AzQHA is passionate about our youth and committed to doing all things possible to see our future generations rise up to the next level through education.

The ASCENT program awards scholarships to Interscholastic Equestrian Association competitors at a competition during the Arizona Fall Championship Show. In order to qualify for these awards, they must be AzQHYA members and show at two of the three No Bling Shows. This program has added many new youth members, as well as competitors and spectators at our shows.

The Arizona Quarter Horse Association will offer an Interscholastic Championship Invitational at the 2018 Arizona Fall Championship show. There will be three classes of Horsemanship and one class Reining to 6th– 8th grade students.  Four classes horsemanship and two classes reining to 9th-12th grade students. Each class (ten classes) to award $1000 worth of scholarships. Each class to pay three places $500 to 1st, $300 to 2nd. $200 to 3rd.


With your help, we can continue to expand this program.

This year, we doubled the number of scholarships awarded. The need is great, the kids are amazing and donations are a well-spent investment in the future.

2018  Arizona Fall Championship Show Winners:                                                      

Winners Amount Won
Annabelle Hagen 500
Gavin Marx 500
Tyson Gillette 300
Erica Serverson 500
Ginia McFarland 300
Lauren Blumer 500
Bianca Juravlea 300
Aubree Leyva 200
Mckenna Bein 500
Kennedy Buchanan 300
Kaci Rodriguez 300
Molly Thigpen 500
Olivia Felderhoff 200
Anthony Luna 500
Lindsay Alrovy 300
Ava Marx 200
Anthony Luna 500
Molly Thigpen 500
Quinn Eisenfeld 300
Olivia Felderhoff 200
Mckenna Bein 500
Kennedy Buchanan 300
Aubree Leyva 200






2019 Scholarship Interview Winners: 30 YOUTH PARTICIPATED THIS YEAR!

These youth all won $1,000 scholarship
Emily Jernigan
Alexis Tretschok
Bianca Juravlea
Erica Severson
Gabby Venecia
Bailey Schmidt
Morgan Farrell
Annika Kimery
Ginina McFarland
Quinn Eisenfeld


2018  Arizona Fall Championship Show Winners:

Future Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Bianca Juralvea, $300 Ginia McFarland

Future Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Gabriela Vanezia, $300 Aubree Leyva

JV Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Maggie Raley, $300 Natalie Vichich

JV Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Lauren Blumer, $300 Micaela Blazek

Future Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Olivia Huls, $300 Kennedy Buchanan, $200 Olivia Felderhoff

Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Kaci Rodriguez, $300 Alex Krebs, $200 Daniella Stephenson

Varsity Open Horsemanship- $500 Madyson Buchanan, $300 Casmira Millan, $200 Anothony Luna

Varsity Open Reining- $500 Anothony Luna, $300 Madyson Buchanan, $200 Casmira Millan

Varsity Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Karina Kimery, $300 Kaci Rodriquez, $200 Alex Krebs

Future Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Olivia Huls,  $300 Kennedy Buchanan, $200 Olivia Felderhoff

2018 Scholarship Interview Winners:

Bianca Juravlea, Micaela Blazek, Catherine Miller, Casimira Millan, Kaylee, Hamm, Danielle Stephenson, Alexis Tretschok


2017  Arizona Fall Championship Show Winners:

Future Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Gabriela Vanezia

Future Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Quinn Eisenfeld, Karina Kimery $300.00

JV Beginner Horsemanship- $500.00 Morgan Farrell, Kamryn Castro $300.00

JV Novice Horsemanship- $500.00 Chloe Alhaig,  $300.00 Elizabeth Perkins

Future Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Avery Shriver,  $300.00 Ben Balow

Varsity Intermediate Horsemanship- $500.00 Anthony Luna

Varsity Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Anthony Luna

Future Intermediate Reining- $500.00 Ben Balow, $300.00 Avery Shriver


Ashley Wilson-Hammer-

Holly Hover-

Jessica Bein-

Samantha Walker-

Tamra Hardin-


Criteria to compete:

  • Youth must be an AzQHYA member the year of competition prior to their first no bling show competition. Memberships may be purchased at the shows or online at
  • IEA current year member (IEA memberships must be paid by Nov. 1, of the preceding year to be a future year member)
  • Youth must compete in at least one class at 2 of the 3 AzQHA No Bling shows


Funds earned by exhibitors are kept in a restricted account by the AzQHA until they graduate from high school; then, the funds are paid directly to the college, trade school or university that student attends.

This is a wonderful incentive for youth to participate and compete in horse shows each year. Over time, it can add up to a significant boost to their education fund.

Many thanks to Dr. Joni Hegel for sponsoring AzQHA’s Youth Scholarship programs.


When can I redeem my scholarship?  Once you declare which accredited college or trade school you will be attending.  A disbursement form will be available from the AzQHA.

When are the requests due? Once the recipient declares which college they will be attending they must contact AzQHA with the respective colleges financial department contact information. AzQHA will send the funds directly to the college the recipient requested, in the students name.

What is accredited school?

Educational accreditation is a type of quality assurance process under which services and operations of educational institutions or programs are evaluated by an external body to determine if applicable standards are met. If standards are met, accredited status is granted by the appropriate agency. AzQHA will leverage the Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs reported to the U.S. Department of Education as a validation source. (

The recipient will have up to two calendar years after their graduation from High School or GED to request their scholarship and begin attendance at the college, trade school or university.   After 2 years the scholarships expire and monies will be allocated for future eligible students.

Disbursements allowed up to $4000 per semester and or $8000 annually. (Disbursement amount per semester may not exceed the students account  billing)

AzQHA Board of Directors reserves the right to determine eligibility criteria and enhance the program as needed.




Visit the AQHA Grant & Scholarship page for details and application.

Here’s what you need to  do:

1. Must be current member of AzQHYA or past member.  Must have membership card or written correspondence from AzQHA secretary confirming previous membership.

2. Applicant must complete and submit 500 word essay on “How my equine-related activities have influenced my life”  and send to AQHA Foundation- c/o Laura Owens 2601 i-40 East Amarillo, TX 79104

3.Must maintain enrollment as a full-time student.

4.Must maintain minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

5.Must contact AzQHA in writing to inform us of your intentions of applying for scholarship and provide copies to AQHA scholarship office.

6. If not accepted for scholarship in one year applicant can reapply for the scholarship the following year.

*Scholarship will NOT include long distance learning or online education courses.

Also The University of Arizona has a website you can contact to find out about the different scholarships available – Check them out at