The Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Association has set up a $5000.00 scholarship for Arizona Youth members that are going to college. APPLICATIONS FOR 2017 NEED TO BE INTO AQHA BY December 1, 2017  go to

Visit the AQHA Grant & Scholarship page for details and application.


Here’s what you need to  do:

1. Must be current member of AzQHYA or past member.  Must have membership card or written correspondence from AzQHA secretary confirming previous membership.

2. Applicant must complete and submit 500 word essay on “How my equine-related activities have influenced my life”  and send to AQHA Foundation- c/o Laura Owens 2601 i-40 East Amarillo, TX 79104

3.Must maintain enrollment as a full-time student.

4.Must maintain minimum grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

5.Must contact AzQHA in writing to inform us of your intentions of applying for scholarship and provide copies to AQHA scholarship office.

6. If not accepted for scholarship in one year applicant can reapply for the scholarship the following year.

*Scholarship will NOT include long distance learning or online education courses.

Also The University of Arizona has a website you can contact to find out about the different scholarships available – Check them out at