Show Dough Program for NEW AzQHA MEMBERS

Any first time AzQHA member will receive $100 dollars to use at any AzQHA No Bling show or AzQHA Trail Challenge  for entries and or stalls.

Rules for recipients:

New member must be a first time AzQHA member. Must purchase a regular or youth membership for current year. It is asked that the new member have never shown in the Quarter Horse classes at any No Bling show.  New member will receive $100 in “Show Dough” to use for stalls and or entries at any No Bling show or AzQHA Trail Challenge. Card may be used at multiple shows until the entire $100 is spent. The Show Dough card may not be used at the Sun Circuit, Fall Championship or EMO Western States shows. Show dough credit is only good for the year the membership is purchased it will not roll over to new year.

2019 membership form

19 show calendar UPDATED MARCH


At our upcoming May 4th show, our highest priority is to keep all horses healthy * EHV-1 may always be in the environment and horse owners must remain vigilant and practice good biosecurity to protect their horses.

The best practices include not allowing your horse to drink from a community water source and not sharing water buckets with other horses. Keeping nose to nose contact to a minimum. Disinfect all barn arenas where your horse might touch or be tied up. Do not touch other horses and then pet your own horse without washing your hands first.

You may monitor your horse’s temperature and isolate him if his temp is elevated until the reason has been established and then take appropriate action. Keep your horse current on his vaccines especially if you travel often. 

Remember West World requires a 12 month Coggins on in state horses and a Coggins plus Health Certificate on horses arriving from out of state. 

Connie Hay

AzQHA Secretary

Next Show: May 4th at Westworld, Scottsdale- NEW CLASSES!

Our next No Bling show has NEW CLASSES!!!  If you show in cutting and/ or working cow horse this shows for you!  A full set of cutting, working cowhorse and cow horse boxing for Open, Amateur, Novice, Youth and of course it wouldn’t be a No Bling show without All Breed Classes.  So if you ever wanted to try cutting or do cow horse boxing or even go down the fence in working cow horse this is your show.   Cutting and cowhorse cattle fees are TBA at this time, but update as soon as possible.

We will have three arenas running with three judges.  Arenas 4 will have all of the halter, showmanship and rail classes.  Arena 6 will start off the day with our speed events then that Judge will move over to arena 8 for the cattle classes and then the ranch on the rail, ranch riding and then reining. Our Versatility Ranch Horse classes will be judged in arena 7 for the rail classes then move over to the cattle arena 8 to finish out the day.

Make sure you download the entry forms and class lists and get your entries in by May 1st so you don’t get a late charge. Since we have to order cattle we need to know the number of entries so we will have enough cattle.  Stalls are available and stalls are charged per DAY.  There has been a lot of confusion on the charges for stalls. So if you come in on Friday at any time its $77.00 and then if your horse is in that stall after midnight on Friday you will be charged the 2nd day fee for stalls on Saturday which then its 2 days and would be $90.00.  Stalls come with 2 bags of shavings.  If you only come for one DAY – Saturday for $77.00 you must have your horse out of the stall by midnight on Saturday or you will be charged another day.  This is how we are charged by Westworld so we are trying to educated exhibitors so not to confuse you when you get your charges at the end of the show.

If you missed out on the Tucson show on April 6th you missed out on a good time and lots of exhibitor prizes.  If you have not been to the Pima County Fairgrounds in a while you should go!  They have done a TON of improvements to the stalls, grounds, and arenas.  They have a full eventing course and a stadium jumping arena, have redone the rodeo arena, brought in new arena sand for the inside arena, it has a full RV hookup area and  also available for long vacation RV rentals.  The also have a dog park, grass, and a hose to wash your dogs if you want.  The Cantina is open everyday and has great food and a full bar.  So good things happening down South and although the last Tucson show was small we have plans to come back next year.

FYI the premium mailing of the show classes did not have class numbers, you can download the new one below or just write the name of the classes down you want and I will put in the correct class number.

Till the Next show!
Connie Hay
AzQHA Show Secretary
Cutting cattle fee $150,  Cowhorse cattle fees $75, boxing cattle fees $50


Ashley Wilson-Hammer-

Holly Hover-

Jessica Bein-

Samantha Walker-

Tamra Hardin-

SHOW POINTS: Points earned WILL count towards AzQHA year-end awards and AQHA national points.  In 2019,   IEA exhibitors must compete in two of the three No Bling shows to qualify for the scholarship classes at the Arizona Fall Championship show in 2019.