Ranch Sorting

Ranch Sorting is becoming the fastest growing, most popular family equine event in the country. This exciting, fast-paced sport requires two horses and 2 riders per team. The teams work together, sorting numbered cattle from small herds into 60ft round pens. One rider sorts the cattle in numbered  sequence to the pen, while the other rider on the team contains the cattle that have already been sorted.

Individuals are rated at 9 different levels. No matter what you or your horses ability. RSNC contestants will be rated from a #1 Beginner to a #9 based on their ability level. Classifications of #1 are Beginners, #2 are Rookies, #3 and #4 are for participants of Novice ability, classifications of #5 and #6 are for amateur
participants and classifications of #7, #8 and #9 are for Open or Professional participants.

If you have interest or would like to host a show Contact: Barbara Rickert at 520-907-3409